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404 – Managing FIDIC Contracts (Red and Yellow Books)

The International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) has, over the years, issued a number of standard documents for use on construction projects. The contracts which are currently in most common use around the world are:

The Conditions of Contract for Construction (The 1999 Red Book); The Conditions of Contract for Plant and Design-Build (The 1999 Yellow Book); The Conditions of Contract for EPC Turnkey Projects (The 1999 Silver Book).

FIDIC Contracts have become the standard form of contract most commonly used in construction worldwide. FIDIC models represent a safe vehicle for the realization of international investment, especially in EPC projects and contracted projects under the concept of design and construction.

Some of the most important  international projects  have been used or use this type of contracts.  Most of  the projects funded by the European Union also uses this model of contract.

Course Purpose

To get familiar with Red and Yellow Books especially with their key operational, legal, commercial and claim dispositions.

Based on concrete examples, this course will allow the participants to have a practical aproach of such complex contracts.

This course is recommended for professionals   involved  in  the tendering, contracting, procurement, and implementation of international construction projects, taking in account the contract’s  obligations  have a  relevant influence in all departments.

Although the exhibition is based on FIDIC contracts, the concepts and approaches presented are similar to those found in any international agreement. Therefore  this course  is an  important  management tool  for  professionals working in  international Construction  Contracts.

The course will  be developed in ENGLISH, in order to familiarize the delegate  with the   required language in  such contracts.

Who should attend?

This event will be of great interest to all those actively involved in international turnkey projects based on FIDIC contracts (Red and Yellow Books), including representatives from Consulting Engineers, Contractors, Funding Agencies, Employers, Insurers, Manufacturing Organisations as well as representatives from the Legal and other Construction Professions.


50 hours – 6 weeks


24/7 access


6 tests



The course has the following ENROLLMENT FEES

The registration fee is 100% returned by FUNDAE (only for Spanish companies)

We offer a discounted value for active employees.

You must provide unemployment registration or undergraduate status.

Course Director: Guillaume BERNARDContract  &  Claim Manager

Guillaume has got his Degree in LAW  at  University Lyon III – Lyon (France) and has conducted several   Masters and Courses  of specialization in commercial law relating to contracts, corporate contracts, Management etc. .

Guillaume has been working as a Contract / Claim Manager for several years in the Energy sector and, especially, as part of turnkey projects relating to the construction of high / medium voltage substations as well as solar power stations. He has a legal background, a strong contractual culture (civil and common law) and an operational experience in claim Management on a Worldwide basis.

In particular, he has been providing famous engineering companies such as Siemens T&D and Schneider Electric with his expertise through EPC contracts concluded with customers and suppliers located in Europe, in Africa, in South-East Asia, in India, in the Middle East and in America.

He has published various articles and works related to the FIDIC standard

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