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E204 – Electromechanical Equipments in Reverse Osmosis Desalination Plants

Given the rapid increase in the world’s population, especially in the large cities located by the sea and the significant growth rate of emerging economies, humanity will continue to generate an increase in demand for safe and reliable sources of drinking water supply.

This growing demand causes a strong pressure on traditional freshwater resources and sometimes the reduction of human well-being and the limitation to the economic development of certain countries.


In this course a detailed presentation of the most important technical characteristics of the different electromechanical equipment and facilities involved in the Reverse Osmosis water desalination processes is made.

In some cases, a brief foray will be made in certain civil works execution techniques, to allow the student a better understanding about the selection of a certain equipment, installation configuration, etc.

Who can benefit from this course?

The course is aimed at professionals both in the field of construction, as well as those who work in the areas of control, direction and management of this type of facilities.

Civil Engineers, Industrial Engineers, Chemical Engineers, Public Works Engineers, Chemistry Graduates, etc.


60 hours – 8 weeks


24/7 access


8 tests



Course Director: Fco Javier NOVOA NUÑEZ – MsCivil Engineering

He has a professional background of more than 25 years in Project design and construction of Hydraulic and Water Treatment Works, and he has developed his career in Big Spanish Construction Groups.

Francisco has held various positions of responsibility in companies such as Necso, Infilco Española, Acciona Agua, Aqualia Infraestructuras (FCC Group)

Throughout his career, he has participated in several international projects and has managed Contracts under different sources of funding (Development Aid Financing / EU Structural Funds, etc.

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