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E402 – Concessions and Public Private Partnerships (PPP) in Water Sector

Almost around the world there are different forms of private initiative participation in water management. All these forms of participation, which imply collaboration between public and private sector, are included in the concept of Public-Private Partnership, one of these forms being concessions.

At present, this type of collaboration has got great importance, and it is expected that their interest will continue to grow, so it is increasingly necessary to have a minimum of knowledge in this field.


The course is designed with the objective that attendees obtain an overview of what a public-private association is, where concessions fall within this type of association, why they are interesting and important for the water sector, and what advantages and disadvantages they present.

It will also obtain an overview of what type of studies are needed and how to approach them in a reasonable way, depending on the point of view from which the analysis is approached. The context of the general vision is made within an international environment, that is, experiences and cases from different countries of the world are exposed.

Finally, the participants will also understand the fundamental principles of the management and financing of this particular way of managing water, and will have a basic methodology for the analysis of any type of project of these characteristics.

It is a theoretical and practical course, structured in seven different modules, of which the last three are dedicated to the analysis of three different real cases.

Who can benefit from this course?

The course is aimed at all those professionals, belonging or not to the water sector, who want to have the basic knowledge related to public-private partnerships and concessions within the water sector


70 hours – 10 weeks


24/7 access


6 tests



The course has the following ENROLLMENT FEES

The registration fee is 100% returned by FUNDAE (only for Spanish companies)

We offer a discounted value for active employees.

You must provide unemployment registration or undergraduate status.

Course Director: Oliva GONZÁLEZ GONZÁLEZ-

Dr. Msc Civil Engineering

Msc Civil Engineer from the Polytechnic University of Madrid, Doctor of Civil Engineering, since 2000 and EXECUTIVE MBA from the Instituto de Empresa.

Oliva has worked in the Concessions area for more than ten years in important spanish companies such as SACYR, INTECSA INARSA and GOCSA.

Currently she’s a Partner-Director of the company MyO Company, dedicated to business and engineering consulting, and training

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